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AI Engineering & Deep Learning

Machine Learning

8 Weeks
  • Supervised Learning - Linear Models - Linear and Logistic Regressions & Classifiers, Support Vector Machines
  • Supervised Learning - Desision Trees, Bagging & Boosting, XG Boost
  • Unsupervised Learning - Different clusturing algorithms, Pincipal Components Analysis
  • Introduction to Neural Networks and deep learning

Combinatorial Optimization Technicues

2 Weeks
  • Dynamic Programming
  • Uniform Cost Search
  • A* and constrained optimization
  • Genetic Algorithms

Markov Decisions and Game Playing

2 Weeks
  • Value Iteration
  • Reinforcement Learning
  • Min Max, Alpha Beta Pruning
  • TD Learning, Game Theory

Factor Graphs and Bayesian Networks

2 Weeks
  • Factor Graphs - Conditional Satisfaction and Independence
  • Beyesian Networks - Inference and Maximum Likelyhood

Knowledge Representation

2 Weeks
  • Prepositional Logic
  • First Order Logic
  • Knowledge Representation in Prolog

Deep Learning

6 Weeks
  • Feed Forward Neural Network, Backpropogation, Information Content, Entropy and Cross Entropy
  • Different gradient based learning algorithms
  • Singular Value Decomposition, Autoecoders
  • Bias and Variance, Train & Test Error, True error & model complexity, parameter shairning, Early Stoping, Ensembling, Dropouts
  • Unsupervised pre training, better activation functions, batch normalization,

Natural Language Processing

6 Weeks
  • One Hot & distributed representations & SVD
  • Continious Bag of words, Skip Gram
  • Contrastive estimation, Hierarchical Softmax & Glove
  • Evaluation of word representation, relation between SVD & word2vec
  • Sequence Learning Problems
  • Recurrent Neural Networks and backpropogation through time
  • Exploding and Vanishing Gradients
  • LSTMs, Bert & GPT
Programming & CS Fundamentals

Build a strong fundation in CS/IT Engineering

Learn to solve complex coding problems and become a top rated programmer

Problem Solving and Algorithm Design is the core area of computer science and is an essential skill required to build a successful career in computer science.

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About Coden Technology Learning

Education and research at Coden Technology Learning are undertaken with the aim to build AI driven technologies for social good.

The institute is thus committed to the development of technology that can be applied to diverse areas such as healthcare, security, finance, retail, and consumer analytics etc.

CTL embraces multidisciplinary approach including statistics, data science, information theory, software engineering, classical AI, algorithm design and product development these. Disciplines are relevant both for understanding complex systems and developing next gen technologies.

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