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Programming & CS Fundamentals

Build a strong foundation in CS/IT Engineering with Ctl Academy

Learn to solve complex coding problems and become a top rated programmer

Ctl Academy- Problem Solving and Algorithm Design is the core area of computer science and is an essential skill required to build a successful career in computer science.

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Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning

Join the most demanding feild in industry to gaurantee your career growth

Artificial Intelligence jobs are the fastest growing jobs globally and have witnessed a growth of 650% since 2012. The market is satitated to grow from $37.9 billion in 2019 to $230 billion dollars in 2026.

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Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning

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About Coden Technology Learning

Education and research at Coden Technology Learning are undertaken with the aim to build AI driven technologies for social good.

The institute is thus committed to the development of technology that can be applied to diverse areas such as healthcare, security, finance, retail, and consumer analytics etc.

CTL embraces multidisciplinary approach including statistics, data science, information theory, software engineering, classical AI, algorithm design and product development these. Disciplines are relevant both for understanding complex systems and developing next gen technologies.

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